Ten Mile Point Freedive

Mon 17 July 2017

My next opportunity to get over to Victoria for a freedive was on July 17. Looking at the tides for that day, things looked ideal for diving Ten Mile Point. That location is one of the most current-exposed shore dive spots in the Victoria area. As a result of that current, there is LOTS of marine life stuck on the rocks, feeding on all of the plankton as it floats by. The down side of ...

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Ogden Point Freedive

Fri 07 July 2017

It had been years since I last dove Victoria's Ogden Point breakwater. Growing up there, the breakwater was the default option when we couldn't think of any place better to go. Now that I'm living on the mainland, it has become a destination. The fringing kelp forest and attendant diversity of marine life is something that we just don't get on the other side of the strait.

Getting over to Victoria ...

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Thu 29 June 2017

I think I might be retired.

My last day of paid employment was April 21, 2017. I had been psyched up and preparing for that day for years, yet somehow now that it has happened, I suddenly feel unprepared.

Of course I don't have to be retired; I'm just unemployed. I could start looking for another job; I just don't have to, at least not for a number of years. And the ...

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