Victoria Bike Trip

Wed 12 July 2017

I had cycled to Victoria a couple of times last year and I absolutely loved it. Things had finally settled down in terms of weather, family and garden so it was time to make good on a plan to get over again and visit some friends at the same time.


On the morning of Monday, July 10, I set out from home. I cycled most of the way to the ferry but opted to ...

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My First Multi-Day Bike Trip

Sun 27 November 2016

For my first posting about cycling, I thought I'd go back to the Thanksgiving weekend of 2013 when I did my very first multi-day cycle trip from Nanaimo to Comox and back again

I had been meaning to try cycle touring for years. I started cycle commuting in 2003 and had done lots of day trips but had yet to try a multi-day trip to a specific destination. I had also heard that Vancouver ...

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Saltery Bay Freedive/Cycle Trip

Sat 12 November 2016

Early on in the diving season Jaap proposed a diving/camping trip to Saltery Bay, just south of Powell River. I wasn't too keen on this idea because I hadn't been camping in probably 20 years. Also, the chill, dampness and poor sleep that inevitably come with camping don't lend themselves very well to a good dive experience. I ended up committing to cycling up to Comox to visit the folks on ...

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