Kelvin Grove Freedive

Sun 18 November 2018 by Tom Lightfoot

It usually rains all month in November. At least that's how I recall it. This particular November had some periods of very nice weather and November 18th was particularly nice. I went out to Kelvin Grove with Luca and Nick to enjoy the good weather.

Even before we got in the water, we could tell that the visibility was as good as the weather. When we got in, we discovered that we could see things from the surface that were ten metres below. That's pretty good for Howe Sound!

I took a lot of pictures that day, trying to make the best use of the visibility and light.

Unfortunately, I didn't capture everything. Near the end of the dive session, I tagged along behind Luca for a dive to get a shot of him underwater. Just after I took the shot, I heard what sounded like distant sealion barking. Sure enough, there was a California sealion cruising just off the wall at the same depth in the opposite direction. Luca and I watched it as it watched us and slowly drifted out of sight.

I was so surprised to see a sealion that it barely registered to take a picture. By the time I thought of it, the sealion was too far away for a good shot, so I just sat there and took in the experience, watching and listening to the faint barking sounds that it was making.